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Helping Companies Reduce Their Electricity Bills

Many companies have gone solar to reduce their electricity bills and do their bit for the environment.

Some have worked directly with a reputable installer and have successfully made the transition. Others – like our clients – have hired us to help them develop their renewable energy projects.

Companies choose to hire energy consultants because:


They want to know if they are a candidate for solar or some other renewable energy technology


Their project is complex and requires expert guidance


They don’t know what questions to ask installers or how to select one


They don’t know where the renewable energy system will be sited or how best to pay for it


They don’t know how to make sense of the tangle of ever-changing renewable energy-related federal tax laws and incentives; state laws; utility regulations, incentives, and tariffs; and local jurisdictional requirements

If you want to make the transition to clean energy with help from a firm that has successfully developed and shepherded many complex projects for its clients, please get in touch.

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About Récolte Energy:

Pioneering Scalable and Transformative Renewable Energy Solutions

Récolte Energy’s projects do more than just reduce electricity bills. We help our clients understand how they can use their renewable energy projects to shape their organizations’ strategies, remove significant technical, regulatory, and financial obstacles for others, stack benefits on top of benefits for society, and influence regional and global trends.


Energy Projects

Commercial Projects

  • Wineries
  • Schools
  • Local Governments
  • Non-Profits
  • and more.

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  • Napa Valley
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  • and more.

Gopal Shanker was an invaluable resource in the development of our renewable energy systems and continues to be so in the management of them. In 2006, Far Niente Winery embarked on an ambitious project to develop and install the world’s first floating grid-connected solar photovoltaic system atop an irrigation pond. The complications of this remarkable and pioneering project were manifest, spanning technical, regulatory, utility company, and local government domains. Gopal diligently provided advice and solutions through the application, design and building processes and contributed significantly to the successful completion of the project... Read More

Greg Allen, President and Winemaker, Dolce Winery

and Larry Maguire, Vice Chairman and President Emeritus, Far Niente Winery

You have been the most dedicated Business Industry Partner I have had supporting my Alternative Energy Class pathway for 10 years now . You helped to start this class. I don't think it ever would have started if it wasn't for your inspiring speeches! I would like to give you an award from Napa County Office of Education for supporting my CTE pathway. I would love to honor your dedication and the incredible amount of time that you have volunteered to support our Napa County students!

Heather Brooks, Teacher, Calistoga High School and Former Teacher, Vintage High School

I recently had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Gopal Shanker, President of Récolte Energy. He is extremely passionate about identifying innovative energy opportunities and informing about both present and future trends. The other aspect that I loved was his vulnerability while addressing such a significant topic. I am eager to see how Récolte Energy takes us to the next level!

Matthew Gamble

Gopal... Your role as Del Mesa consultant over the several years it took to bring our solar project to this stage was highlighted. Your advocacy of net metering to the PUC was credited with making it all possible... From one Del Mesan who was involved from the beginning, i want to express my thanks for all you contributed to help make it happen. It is sincerely appreciated. I doubt it would have happened without your help.

Brice Draper, Board Member, Del Mesa Carmel

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