Gopal has been instrumental in making our solar microgrid system finally become a reality. Gopal is second to none when it comes to knowledge of the industry and he offers his full commitment to the project. His knowledge in navigating the permitting processing and asking the correct questions proved invaluable. He advocates for the best for his client and I cannot see this project having gone through to the finish without his expertise.

Georg Salzner – President, Castello di Amorosa

Napa Sanitation District partnered with Récolte Energy to develop renewal energy projects including a photovoltaic system and a biogas-based linear generator. Gopal possesses an understanding of the energy sector, including renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency strategies. His ability to analyze complex energy systems, identify opportunities for partnerships, and develop innovative solutions is truly impressive. Whether it’s developing energy efficiency measures or advising on renewable energy projects, Gopal consistently delivered results that drove tangible benefits for Napa Sanitation District.

Andrew Damron, PE | General Manager / District Engineer | Napa Sanitation District

When it comes to sustainability in Napa County, and even beyond at the state policy level, Gopal Shanker is a steadfast visionary and implementer.

Over ten years ago he coined the expression “Eco Restoration Destination” for Napa County and has been hard at work turning vision to reality ever since.  We are blessed to have him and his exceptional family in our community.

Henry Gundling | Vice-President, The Gasser Foundation | Former President, Sustainable Napa County

Gopal Shanker helped the Wine Service Co-op with getting solar installed at its two Napa Valley warehouses in 2005.  His knowledge of solar projects worked to our benefit.  Without his help and guidance the Co-op would have struggled to get these projects on line. We continue to use him to consult on solar matters as they come up.

I consider Gopal a valuable part of the team here at WSC. We would gladly recommend Gopal to anyone needing solar project management or consulting services.

Bob Holmes | Former General Manager | Wine Service Co-op

You have been the most dedicated Business Industry Partner I have had supporting my Alternative Energy Class pathway for 10 years now . You helped to start this class. I don’t think it ever would have started if it wasn’t for your inspiring speeches! I would like to give you an award from Napa County Office of Education for supporting my CTE pathway. I would love to honor your dedication and the incredible amount of time that you have volunteered to support our Napa County students!

Heather Brooks | Teacher, Calistoga High School | Former Teacher, Vintage High School

Gopal Shanker was an invaluable resource in the development of our renewable energy systems and continues to be so in the management of them. In 2006, Far Niente Winery embarked on an ambitious project to develop and install the world’s first floating grid-connected solar photovoltaic system atop an irrigation pond. The complications of this remarkable and pioneering project were manifest, spanning technical, regulatory, utility company, and local government domains. Gopal diligently provided advice and solutions through the application, design and building processes and contributed significantly to the successful completion of the project. Once operational, Gopal worked tirelessly with the state legislature and Public Utilities Commission to bring meter aggregation opportunities to all solar customers.  We recognize Gopal for his indefatigable advocacy of renewable energy systems and applaud his newest initiative to addressing the traffic problems in Napa Valley.  The citizens and visitors of the Napa Valley can only benefit from his passion for renewable energy and applying it towards seeking novel solutions for reducing the number of vehicles on the road.  We are excited to see where this goes!

Greg Allen | Former President and Winemaker | Dolce Winery

and Larry Maguire | Vice Chairman and President Emeritus | Far Niente Winery

I had the pleasure of working with Gopal Shanker on a large solar project at Collabria Care in Napa. As Board Chair at that time, the Agency needed someone whom we could rely on to guide us through this process. Gopal was our consultant from the beginning of the project and guided us through all the nuances of the job from selection of the solar company to final completion, including selection of equipment, detailed budgets and as a liaison between the contractor and ourselves.

His keen knowledge of PG&E rates, how they work, and the comparative projections of our solar usage and long term payoff was invaluable.
I have been in the contracting business for 36 years and trust him implicitly. He was always upbeat and helpful dealing with us as novices in the areas of solar production and continued to help us when his contract was technically fulfilled.

I would highly recommend his services and would not take on any significant project without his help.

Steve Silva | Former Board Chair | Collabria Care

I recently had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Gopal Shanker, President of Récolte Energy. He is extremely passionate about identifying innovative energy opportunities and informing about both present and future trends. The other aspect that I loved was his vulnerability while addressing such a significant topic. I am eager to see how Récolte Energy takes us to the next level!

Matthew Gamble

Gopal… Your role as Del Mesa consultant over the several years it took to bring our solar project to this stage was highlighted. Your advocacy of net metering to the PUC was credited with making it all possible… From one Del Mesan who was involved from the beginning, i want to express my thanks for all you contributed to help make it happen. It is sincerely appreciated. I doubt it would have happened without your help.

Brice Draper - Former Board Member, Del Mesa Carmel

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