Traffic congestion, pollution, and high commute costs were causing us severe headaches before the pandemic. Our migraines will return when we go back to work, unless we pursue alternatives to driving alone in our gas cars.

Here’s a safe, less polluting, less expensive, and (bonus!) social-isolation-busting alternative: commute with a neighbor or coworker in an electric vehicle (EV).

Ride Sharing

  • NVTA’s V-Commute platform offers a 21st century ride sharing solution. It is flexible, safe, convenient, and even offers a guaranteed ride home in an emergency. The platform matches neighbors, friends, and co-workers with similar commute needs.
  • The cost of a commute can be cut by more than half by combining ride sharing with a commuter benefits program (required of Bay Area employers with > 50 full time employees). Employees can save $800 – $1,000 annually by paying for their commute with pretax dollars ($270/month for 2020). Employers will save ~$250 per employee annually in payroll taxes.

Electric Vehicles

  • The global movement to electrify transportation is accelerating, with California leading in the U.S.
  • There are 40+ models of EVs available now. More are coming.
  • EVLife, EVMatch, Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, Clean Cars for All, Drive Clean Bay Area, and MCE have programs and subsidies to help us get into EVs.
  • The permitting process for installing residential and commercial EV charging stations has been streamlined throughout Napa County.
  • Subsidies between $3,300 – $20,300 are available to buy or lease an EV, with low income clients eligible for higher subsidies.
  • Subsidies are also available to install charging stations at homes, multi-family sites, and workplaces.
  • Charging an EV overnight at home would be like paying ~$1.10 for a gallon of gas.
  • These subsidies make EVs affordable to own/lease. They also have low “fueling” and maintenance costs. Some can be repaired and updated with new features “over-the-air”. All are fun to drive!
  • The bigger picture: EVs can absorb the existing surpluses of solar and wind generation, accelerate the deployment of more renewables, lower electricity costs, increase resiliency, hasten the decommissioning of nuclear plants and oil refineries, and prepare us for a future of wireless EV charging, EV to grid charging, autonomous EVs, and shared mobility.

Please take action:

  • Sign up and encourage your friends and colleagues to sign up on NVTA’s V-Commute platform.
  • Request / sign up for workplace commuter tax benefits.
  • Register for the “Is An Electric Vehicle Right For You?” webinar hosted by EVLife and EVMatch at 10 a.m. on July 15 to learn more about the benefits of EVs and installing EVCS at your home, workplace, school, or multi-family site.