I spoke with Gabe Petlin of the CPUC on the 19th about PG&E’s meter aggregation tariff. I believe – no promises are made on these phone calls – that the CPUC will ask PG&E in early January to submit a supplemental advice filing in response to our protests. This filing should

  • clarify that adjacency and contiguous mean what we think it does
  • modify the tariff so that all customer generated kWh are applied against the customer’s aggregated meters, and no kWh are forfeited to PG&E, as long as the customer’s cumulative generation is less than or equal to the cumulative usage of his aggregated meters.

Conceivably, PG&E’s NEMA tariff will be available for implementation in a few weeks.

I also submitted opening comments on the 13th and reply comments on the 23rd on how existing net metered projects should be handled. One group was arguing for the transition to be based on payback period. The rest of us were arguing for it to be based on the warranted (25 years), expected (30), or actual life of the asset. Ding. Round 1 is over. This match should be over by March.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic 2014!