Good news! A short while ago, SB 594 passed the Assembly floor (ayes: 45, noes: 5). Please see the screenshot below.

Many assembly members who weren’t on the floor will add their names later on today. Although the numbers of ayes and noes will go up, the result won’t change. The bill will go back to the Senate tomorrow, where it is also expected to pass. Then Sen. Wolk has to write a letter to the Governor, check in with his staff, and hope for a signature. No problems foreseen there either.

There is a provision in this bill that requires the CPUC to determine by March 31, 2013 that there will be no cost shifting. We have to make sure that the utilities don’t convince the CPUC that there is.

Though that battle remains to be fought, getting the legislature to allow meter aggregation is quite an accomplishment. Please thank Senator Lois Wolk, Tina Andolina, Tara Dias, and other assembly members and senators who you reached out to.

Thanks for your help and encouragement.