I visited 17 assembly members’ offices yesterday. Other organizations, including the Solar Electric Industries Association, School Energy Coalition, and Environment California, circulated or emailed floor alerts in support of SB 594.

The Investor Owned Utilities (PG&E, SDG&E/Sempra, and SCE) have been circulating their own floor alerts in opposition. Their alerts contain outdated or false information, which I pointed out to the members’ staff during my meetings with them.

We expect the amendments to be voted on today (it didn’t happen yesterday) and the bill to go to a floor vote on Monday. We’ve been asked to show up en masse on Monday, so we can get the members out of their offices to vote on the bill in case it is put on call (if there are less than 41 members in the chamber to vote on it).

I hope to be in touch on Tuesday with good news.