It has been almost a year since I wrote about SB 594, the bill to allow utility customers to offset the combined loads of their electricity meters with a single renewable energy system. The bill was signed into law last September, but required the CPUC to find, by September 30, 2013, that it wouldn’t result in any incremental cost shifting, to go into effect.

Last week, the Commission issued (the wished for) Draft Resolution E-4610.

This is good news, but I am not counting my chickens yet. The Commission is expected to vote on this draft resolution on September 19, 2013 and the utilities are expected to revise their tariffs to enable meter aggregation by September 30, 2013.

Karen Mills of the California Farm Bureau will be filing opening comments in support of the draft resolution and Récolte Energy and other organizations will cosign. If the utilities file opening comments in opposition, then I will independently file reply comments and look to you to provide additional support to oppose the opposition. Opening comments are due by the 5th of September and reply comments by the 10th.

Please stand by in case I need your help in early September.

Thanks and Happy Labor Day in advance!