SB 594 passes Appropriations

SB 594 passed Appropriations (12 ayes; 0 noes) yesterday! The Wine Institute, California Farm Bureau, Récolte Energy, and many others testified in support; one – representing the municipal utilities – opposed unless amended; and one – Southern California Edison –...

SB 594 Update

SB 594 passed (13 ayes; 0 noes; 2 abstentions) the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee on Monday, the 25th of June. Thanks for your involvement! The next step is for the bill to pass the Committee on Appropriations (17 members), where it is scheduled to be heard...

SB 594 Update

Because of the flurry of calls and faxes from many supporters, the number of likely aye votes increased from 5 to 9 between yesterday morning and mid-afternoon, when SB 594 was to have been voted on in the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee. These votes would...

Support for SB 594

The North Bay Business Journal published an article this morning on meter aggregation and SB 594. It is timely, because SB 594 is being voted on in the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee today. The vote is critical. We need support from all members, but...

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